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Skate-to-Ski with Andrea Limbacher

Skating is the perfect way to get in, or stay in, shape. In December of 2015, Austrian freestyle skier Andrea Limbacher became a World Champion at skicross.  Shortly after, in March of 2016, during her last races of the season, Andrea sustained an unfortunate crash where she injured her knee, ACL and meniscus. Ever the optimist, Andrea posted to her Instagram account: #challengeaccepted.  From there she had only one goal: Compete again.  That goal started with step one:  Get back in shape.

You can see Andrea skate the Maxxum 84W skates in the latest Skate-to-Ski video. In the video, Andrea explains why she loves skating and how it complements her regular training program. She appreciates the minimal impact to her knees. Compared to running or walking, skating is an excellent way to strengthen the entire leg, including the hip and gluteus areas, with very little impact on the knee. Equally as important, she also has more fun training on skates. Andrea does interval training to increase her speed and stamina. She goes for a long distance skates to work on her endurance.  One of her favorite distance skates is by the lake of her hometown, Bad Ischl.  She also skates on the pump track where she builds up muscles, works on her balance, and gets close to the feeling of skiing a skicross track.

"If you are a skier, and want to be a more complete skier; Go and skate in the off-season and improve your skills." – Andrea Limbacher

Andrea will be at the Berlin Marathon this coming weekend (Saturday September 24th). Please visit the Rollerblade® booth to meet Andrea and hear about her experience.