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Tips from the Pro

The new workout with Kacie Cleveland

In this video Team Rollerblade member Kacie Cleveland explains why she loves skating. Kacie gives some good examples and advantages on working out on inline skates. Check it out, try it out and get in shape.

Q. Kacie when did you start skating?

A. I started ice skating when I was 5 years old living in Anchorage, Alaska. Because I did whatever my older brother did, I played ice and roller hockey for years until I realized I was more of an endurance athlete.
In middle school I worked as a skate guard at a local ice arena and would skate everywhere in my neon orange spray painted Rollerblade Lightnings!



Q. You emphasize the influence of skating on your wellness, and besides skating you do a lot of other sports. How does skating fit/contribute into your busy schedule?

A. I compete in stair climb races, road races, trail races, CrossFit competitions, and inline skating races. I also road bike, mountain bike, swim, and love hiking! Skating keeps my legs strong for all the races I compete in, but really helps build up the lung strength I need to be competitive in stair climbs!


Q. You are turning the magic age of 30 in May. Do you think skating keeps you younger?

A. I have compartment syndrome in both of my legs, which is a painful condition that occurs when pressure within the muscles build up to dangerous levels This pressure can decrease blood flow, which prevents nourishment and oxygen from reaching nerve and muscle cells, and can keep my from walking for several hours or days. Skating is the ONLY reason I am still an athlete today. Skating not only kept my soul alive during very hard physical and emotional times, but it kept my body strong, and my love of competition alive as well!
I plan on skating as long as I can! :)


Q. Rollerblading is a total body workout, like running. But better for your knees, less impact. Did you experience this as well?

A. Skating makes me feel challenged in my workout, focused on my footwork, and freeing in my mind because I can just put on a pair of skates anywhere and go! Because I have compartment syndrome in both of my legs I can't run as much as I used to (and want to) and inline skating is a workout I know I can do as I get older because I see it everyday in this wonderful sport! Because I glide while skating instead of pounding on the pavement, my joints, knees, and back are able to get a great workout while protecting and lengthening the life of my body!


Q. What skates would you recommend to women who would like to skate as a workout, and why those skates?

A. Rollerblade Tempest with 90mm wheels are a great start to endurance skating without a long frame, so it's easier to turn, step on and off curbs, and you can still skate a long distance pretty easily!



Q. You also work as a CrossFit instructor; do you implement skating in your course?

A. A lot of my private clients and athletes in our gym have taken up inline skating as part of their own fitness program! Even though my husband and I own Kulshan CrossFit we promote active lifestyles, trying new sports, and always having fun! Skating is definitely one of them! :)


Q. Do you see an increase in female skaters? How come do you guess?

A. I have noticed a lot of women trying new sports and activities to get in shape and they want to have fun while doing it! Skating is fun to do with friends, it's a great endurance workout, and it's a great way to get your legs and booty toned and in great shape!


Q. Any other thing, quote you would like to share?

A. Whatever you mind believes your body will achieve!  – I believe our bodies can handle a great deal of pain, pride, joy, and sorrow, and that whatever goal we create, if we put our heart and mind fully into it, then nothing can stop us!