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Danny's Point: Skatepark Creativity

Many skateparks seem to be built to skate in a certain way; directional almost. Experienced inline skaters like Danny Aldridge have the experience to view skateparks differently and can come up with some very creative lines. In this episode of Danny’s Point he takes you into the skatepark and shares his creative approach.


Try to think of skateparks as blank canvases. Don’t let the layout limit you in your movements or skills. Even as a beginner, the skatepark has tons of options for hours of fun as you learn new ways expressing yourself with inline skating.


For example, the jumpbox has loads of options to get some airtime. Start off with a minimal launch and work your way towards some serious airtime. Most parks have a feature that seems nondescript; boring if you will. Perhaps the “boring” grey block in the middle of the park isn’t a place to sit when you’re tired. Get up, over, and around it in your own way. Once you feel comfortable, give it a stall with your freeskates. Street or parkskates are not mandatory for a good time in the skatepark. Even the typical skatepark rails and the ramps have limitless options.


Get out there! Be creative. Move freely.