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Good Morning Danny!

First things first, COFFEE! Next we watch as Rollerblade® athletes Danny Alridge and Greg Mirzoyan meet up to capture “Good Morning Danny”.

Danny talks through the physical and mental shift he made in the begin of the pandemic.  He explains how he worked with the energy he felt so that he could maintain a positive and healthy perspective. Getting upside down and more zen was a discovery that he still embraces to this day! After a few minutes in the upside-down Danny grabs some porridge, also known as oatmeal, at his flat. While we’re there, he shares some incredible pieces of artwork!

Then Danny and Greg hit the skatepark. Danny shares his roots with us and shows why these roots are such a fundamental part of his lifestyle on wheels. As an artist, he likes the creativity of inline skating and hopes to inspire people to start skating and eventually hit a park too.

After the park session, Danny begins his day of work answering questions from his fans around the world, producing content, hosting meetings, and creating stories to share with others.  It has been a Good Morning!

Enjoy the rest of your day!  We’ll see you again in the morning with another Rollerblade® team member soon!