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Move Freely: Even While You Stay Home

For many weeks now, the entire world has been navigating the challenges created by Covid-19. We all know that the shelter-in-place policy issued by many countries is a safe way to manage social distancing. If you stay home, you can save lives.

The road towards the management of Covid-19 might however be long. We all do our part. We all know what we fight for: for our health, for our families and friends, for our countries, for the health professionals in the hospitals, and everyone else who fights with tremendous courage.

These times are tricky and challenging for everyone. In some ways we can view this time as a competition we have no choice but to win. Let’s make the comparison with a speed race: you train, you work patiently and with method, you are part of a team, and you are focused on the victory.

We WILL win this race. Right now we want to do the best we can do, as professional speed skaters, to help you to be healthy and strong. We want to help you improve your fitness level and prepare your future goals. Because you have future goals!

In our Rollerblade® videos, you will find some tips and some exercises to do at home. Ranging from fun and easy to challenging these exercises will make you a better athlete and skater.

Before you begin the routine evaluate your current health and know our limits. Please follow the suggestions listed below:

1 – Don’t forget to warm up before starting each training session.
2 – Train at your level.  Build up gradually.  Do fewer reps if needed or take more rest. You will probably have to try it many times before doing it to completion with proper form.
3 – Stretch after a training.
4 – Be consistent: 2 or 3 training sessions per week are better than 5 training sessions in one week and no training the next 3 weeks.
5 – Pick a goal event and put it on the calendar.  That is a good goal to focus on!


Now, you have the fitness support you need to #movefreely while you #stayhome!