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­Choose Your Challenge

Rollerblade® knows how great it feels to take on a challenge and meet a goal. This year we want you to join us by taking on a skate challenge. We have created an option for every skater:

- 5K Challenge

- 10K Challenge
- 21K Challenge (half marathon)
- 42K Challenge (marathon)

The four challenges are a great way to experience athletic success on inline skates. The different distances encourage all skaters to approach each challenge in their own way. As a beginner skater you might take on the 5K Challenge as your longest skate to date. Then you can work your way towards a better time and even a new challenge. As an expert skater the 5K Challenge may be a speed challenge.


Once you decide on your challenge think about the course you want to skate. Whether it’s the park across the street or a loop around the city, chart your course distance and get going. Use Google Maps to help find an interesting route. Try to make it even more fun by starting and ending at a coffee shop, bar, or restaurant to celebrate your success after you complete the challenge.


We’ve seen some of the Rollerblade® athletes skate challenges in their hometown. The challenges were completed at local tracks, parks, and neighborhoods in cities like Stockholm, Barcelona, and Munich. Kevin Quintin from France finished 42K Challenge on a parking lot and while raising money for a charity he supports. Tying your challenge to a purpose makes the effort that much more rewarding! (Stay tuned as we’ve heard that Kevin is already planning another 42K Challenge at another unique spot.)


Rollerblade® invites you to share your Challenge experience on social media. We have specially designed Instagram stickers to add some fun to your posts. You can find the Instagram stickers by searching: rollerbladechallenge.


We all have a desire for progress, change, and forward momentum. Rollerblade® encourages everyone to challenge themselves to take on a Challenge to move intentionally with a purpose. Take on a Challenge. Embrace the process. Enjoy the success!