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Doucelin Pedicone

Speed Team Athlete

Name: Doucelin Pedicone
Date of birth: 05/03/1998
Current location: Nantes
Skating since: 16 years
Current skate setup: Mariani Rollerblade Custum Boots, 3WD frames, Hydrogen Pro 125 X-Firm, Bearing Twincam ILQ-9

Explain the feeling you had the first time you put on skates.
The feeling I had the first time I put on skates is a feeling of freedom and huge possibilities. I always discover unique sensations.

What is your inspiration to keep skating?
My biggest inspiration is to become world champion. That's what drives and motivates me always to go faster, longer.

We truly believe skating makes a better world. How do you think skating makes the world a better place?
I think skating makes the world a better place because it's a way to overpass yourself and it's a sport where it is easy to improve your level from a beginner one. Skating is also a way to have fun alone or with friends. In fact, thanks to my skates, I met beautiful people. You truly are free and you can discover the world in a new way. But It is also a way to move quickly in this fast world.

How do you keep progressing and reinventing yourself?
I am always looking for better feelings, for a better push. But in the competition, it's also a matter of motivation. That's why I always try to have fun and discover new things.

What’s the most helpful tip you want to share with any skater?
I think for a competitor like me, the most helpful tip I can share is to always have fun.

Imagine a world filled with animals who can skate. If you could be any of those animals, what would you be and why?
I think I would choose to be a feline because they are smart, with very precise and graceful movements like you must have with skating.