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Retro Vibes, Modern Twist

Retro Vibes, Modern Twist:  The 2018 Rollerblade® Maxxum

In the late 1980’s it was all about in-your-face colors and style. The Rollerblade® Maxxum skate was released during that exciting era and made an impact from the get-go. For the release of the 2018 Rollerblade® Maxxum skate we flashed back to the vibrant and bold look, but combined a great look with the best skate technology. The Maxxum has a neon green cuff, pink laces, and turquoise Rollerblade® logo on the frames and Hydrogen Supreme wheels. The vented shell, premium liner, extruded aluminum frame, and double buckle closure apply the retro look with modern design.

The 2018 Rollerblade® Maxxum:  retro roots with a modern twist.