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Rollerblade Speed Team 2023. A perfect mix

Our 2023 Rollerblade® Speed Team features a mix of experienced and up-and-coming skaters. Our international team includes skaters from South America and Europe who compete in both traditional distances and marathons. The depth and breadth of the team positions us for an exciting 2023!  Check out our team!


Alicia Delhommais (France), Veronica Luciani (Italy) and Matteo Barison (Italy) continue to be on our speed team. In 2022, the three speed skaters garnered strong results and set several goals to strive towards in 2023. The team will build on their performance and experience to provide an advantage during competitions. 

Although he needs no introduction, Patxi Peula (Spain) is a multiple European and World medalist, who comes into the team with his teammate Rafa Heredia (Spain). Patxi’s experience and leadership has led him to being named road captain.

Carlos Tarazona (Venezuela) and Kevin Fourneret (France) are also new to the team. In the past, Carlos and Kevin participated in many key competitions; for example, they both captured a Top 10 spot in Berlin last year. Both are motivated and talented speed skaters. We are very happy to have them round out the Rollerblade Speed Team in 2023, along with Patxi, Rafa, Matteo, Alicia and Veronica.

Team partners: Rollerblade, Hydrogen Pro wheels, Twincam bearings, Mariani custom shoes, Rudy Project helmets and sunglasses, SILA equipment.