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Danny's Point: Inline Skating with the Insta360 Camera.

Danny is back and this time he explains us how to use the Insta360 Camera. You may have seen some of the amazing inline skating footage of our athletes and wondered how we did that. Using this camera, Danny manages to film all the action himself.

The 360 camera is a unique piece of equipment that captures with a 360 degree angle from its point of view. By using the extendable selfie stick Danny is able to shift the camera and create more distance toward himself. The double lens camera films with a wide angle and offers you tons of options afterward when you start 3D editing.

Once you have played around with the 360 camera you’ll find out it offers loads of fun and it showcases the world in a great way.

Check out this episode of Danny’s Point.  Then go use your 360 camera as you skate around town. Be sure to tag @rollerblade in your posts!

Insta360 One X2
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