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WHEELS: Create a better rolling experience

So you found the perfect skate and have enjoyed the roll for some time.  Depending on how much you skate it could be a year of casual skating or it could be a month of long skate sessions on variable terrain. Eventually you find yourself in the situation of needing to upgrade your gear. Wheels are a key component to a great pair of skates. In this article we will help you create a better rolling experience by helping you select the correct wheels.

- Ewen Fernandez - “In my opinion skating with good wheels is important because it allows you to keep a good technique, a good feeling and a better grip. You will be able to have better and more efficient pushes. Better wheels = better feeling = better pushes = going faster!”

Upgrading your skate set up with a new set of wheels is a good idea if you are starting to see wear in the profile of the wheels or if you notice the wheels are not rolling smoothly . After assembling your skates with new wheels you will immediately feel a difference by way of smoother rol land increased speed. With our wide range of wheels to choose from you are sure to find the perfect wheels!

Let us explain the difference and the benefits of upgrading your wheels.

The size of wheels is measured in millimeters. The small wheels (58mm-80mm) offer a lower center of gravity and more stability and maneuverability . If you ride the bigger wheels (90mm-125mm) each stride has a longer roll and this will add more speed. Check out the wheel chart below for more info:

- Danny Aldridge - “Now for me the best all round wheel setup is the hydrogen 80mm 4WD that’s why Its on my pro skate. For me it has the perfect balance between grip and sliding. I prefer 4 wheels over 3 as I find it the most original and raw form of skating and the most exiting.”

The hardness of wheels is measured in “SHORE A”. The higher the number (88A), the harder the wheel. If you want more grip during your ride, we recommend wheels within the hardness of 80A to 84A. Looking for more speed?  The harder wheels (85A and greater) have less friction and offer a faster roll. Check out the hardness chart below for more info:

We offer wheels with a variety of profiles. A wheel with a flat profile gives maximum stability and is mostly used by street and park inline skaters. For an urban/freeride across town a mix of stability, speed, and maneuverability is needed. Pick a wheel with a more round profile to meet these needs. If you are aiming for speed and quick turns a “bullet”  or elliptical profile is what you need. Check out the profile chart below for more info:

- Sven Boekhorst - “ The flat profile and compound of the Hydrogen street wheels offer a perfect blend of stability, speed and grip. I prefer the Hydrogen compound for every ride.

Depending on your skate’s frame you have the option for a 3WD or 4WD. A 4WD will give more balance and stability. Mostly because the wheel size is smaller compared to a 3WD setup. The 3WD has a better roll, because of the bigger wheel size and less contact on the road.

- Ewen Fernandez - “For me 4 wheels (4x110) are better in the corners because there is less space between the wheels and this allows you to have better grip and steering. But for marathon or road endurance 3 wheels (3x125) give you more roll, more speed and more comfort. Especially on bad road because the wheels are bigger. I advise 4 wheels for tracks races (4x110) and 3 wheels (3x125) for marathon and others road races.”


In our wide range of wheels we offer four different wheel compounds or pours.

- The reliable Rollerblade® wheel comes at an entry level price and great quality. These basic wheels offer a smooth ride.
- The SUPREME wheels are a more intermediate all-round wheel. These are perfect for the inline skaters who strive for greater performance, more grip, and durability.
- HYDROGEN premium wheels are made from an exclusive formula and poured in the USA. The scooped inner core supports a urethane outer—enhancing speed, grip, and durability.
- HYDROGEN PRO wheels are dual poured high end wheels designed for marathons and open road races by providing optimal performance.

- Danny Aldridge - “For me Wheels are the most important factor in skating. it’s the main connection of you and your skates to the ground you are skate on"

Take a look at our complete assortment of after market wheels here.

Upgrade your wheels for optimum skate performance and enjoyment. Still need more information? Take a look at our Guides & Maintenance page or visit a specialized Rollerblade® dealer.