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Sven Boekhorst: 25 years on wheels

It’s 2020 and this year Rollerblade® celebrates its 40th anniversary. That's four decades of inline skating and progression of the sport. Sven Boekhorst has been a driving force for the iconic brand for over 25 years. Hailing from the Netherlands, Sven has been at the top of the game since the early 90’s and still manages to have a huge international following. From winning high profile competitions back in the day to creating endless unique content, Sven shows no signs of slowing down his roll. 

Keeping 25 years in mind we asked Sven five questions and he gives his top five list for each. 

Top 5 reasons to go inline skating:
1. To go out and feel the adrenaline and freedom of just floating over the road or in the park 
2. To travel and meet up with friends 
3. Most fun way do some cardio exercises
4. To get clips and push myself to my limit. 
5. It's sunny outside

Top 5 memories from 25 years on wheels:
1. Winning Triple Crown in 2000 (X-Games, Gravity Games, World Championships)
2. Winterclash 2010 in Berlin when I landed the 360 full torque to top soul and the Dutch crowd stopped the session because they went wild :-)
3. International tours I did with theatre group from Amsterdam ISH (All over USA&Canada)
4. All the Cityhopper shoots and the whole process to it  – CH Netherlands, CH Europe and CH World. Funny fact: Cityhopper was in the beginning planned as promo video for my solo SB promodel but almost got his own solo Cityhopper model skate. 
5. 1st Mind the Gap contest we organized with SB Events for the city Rotterdam back in 2007. But of course all the events we did and are doing are having a good special vibe. 

Top 5 pair of inline skates:
1. Tarmac
2. Trooper
3. Dirk 
4. Franky Morales 
5. Solo 

Top 5 items you picked up by traveling the world for inline skating:
1. The day I could fill up a big back with clothes and stuff at the Senate HQ in the US. 
2. The period I was collected different kind of Nike shoes and brought them to Holland
3. Samurai sword from Japan
4. Two screws in my ankle from the Gravity Games – out for 8 months
5. Character in Playstion/Xbox video game “Aggressive Inline” 

Top 5 things you are looking forward to in the future:
1. Shoot a new street profile
2. be able to visit some festivals again or be part of it with a Mind the Gap show.
3. Be able to travel again for Rollerblade® to different events/video productions and to some of the FISE event to judge. 
4.  Rollerblade® new Street Skate. 
5. That my local park opens and we can start with our classes.  

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