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Stop & Go Workout

The Rollerblade “Stop & Go Workout” is a fast paced series of on and off skate exercises aimed at increasing muscle strength, tone and explosive power!

This 30 minute-workout is sure to keep your heart pumping throughout giving a blast to your metabolism while improving agility and increasing speed. 


Kris Fondran Bio

For over 25 years, Kris Fondran has been teaching skaters and developing instructors in a variety of skating disciplines. As the director of the Inline Certification Program (ICP) since 1998, she has facilitated the world-wide growth of inline skating education through a talented network of certified instructors and examiners.  Blending her passions of skating and yoga, in 2010 Kris developed the Mobile Yoga Workout She is currently a lecturer in the Health and Human Performance department at Cleveland State University, USA and serves as an education consultant for the company Rollerblade.