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Rollerblade® creator Scott Olson will attend the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

In 1980, Scott Olson created Rollerblade® and brought inline skating into the world.

Olson often dreamt about ice-skating year round. He wanted to be able to skate during the off-season to better maintain his hockey skills.

As a skate enthusiast and having an entrepreneurial mind-set, Olson immediately made moves and bought all the ice hockey skates at the local sporting goods store and fitted them with custom frames and wheels.  This was the first line of his inline skates. Olson built the skates in his basement workshop in Minnesota.  It was here that he started to innovate and refine his product.

As the product line was progressing so were the first marketing initiatives. Olson commuted on skates whenever possible and received massive local media attention. Olson’s passion and love for this new sport of inline skating was strong and his product became the brand we know as Rollerblade®.

The innovative drive of Scott Olson revolutionized the inline skate, which date back to the 1700s in the Netherlands. The Rollerblade® brand has continued Olson’s positive progression with our products. The vision of Rollerblade® is to see the world in motion through inline skating. The creativity, spirit, and drive of Olson live in the brand and sport that is loved by millions around the world.

Rollerblade® creator Scott Olson will attend the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON that takes place on the 28th of September. The event boasts upwards of 5,000 participants that skate in the world’s largest inline skating event. During Olson’s trip to Europe he will also visit the Rollerblade® headquarters in Italy. Here we look forward to sharing with him our continued innovation and passion for the product.

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