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Behind the Mind of an Athlete: An interview with Javi Garrido

We sat down with Javi Garrido to talk about her journey as a professional athlete and how she pays it forward to young athletes.  She discusses her road to a pro athlete, some of the challenges she faced as well as what she is looking forward to.  


Q: Start by telling us about your relationship with Rollerblade® and how their support has shaped your skating career?

A: Undoubtedly, being part of the Rollerblade® family has allowed me to take my skating beyond what I could imagine, from participating in the Berlin Marathon to filming a street video with Blank in Barcelona. For me, it has been both recognition and an opportunity to share that when you do what you love, such as skating, anything is possible. There is a potential to be recognized for pursuing what passionately drives you, like skating.


Q: Talk about some of your favorite Rollerblade® skates and why you like them. 

A: The Blank Skates are very important to improve my performance in competitive skating. These are my preferred skates for executing tricks and grinds on the streets and in skateparks. Their specific design for street and park skating, with a very comfortable liner, provides the stability and flexibility needed to execute tricks with confidence. 

As for the RB80, I enjoy skating around the city, using them for going to work, and exploring Barcelona. What I highlight the most is their design, the lightweight they offer, and the combination of metallic pink tones. Both models of Rollerblade® skates are crucial to improving my experience, providing the necessary support for teaching and competition, as well as the comfort and style to explore the city.


Q: What part of Winterclash was most meaningful for you?

A: Being on the Winterclash podium with third place has been fulfilling a dream for me, since I started skating I dreamed of a moment like this, since it is the most important skating event for roller freestyle worldwide. And although in the qualifications I felt nervous, I was able to control it and being in the final, for the first time I skated relaxed in a competition, connected with my energy and focused on giving my best, enjoying and flowing. Not thinking about meeting the expectations of others. Before competing I prepared my mind with Breathwork exercises and meditation. which undoubtedly helped me achieve the mental connection I needed to stay in the present and giving my best.  Winterclash  is not just for the competition but also for the enrichment it provides to the community through panel discussions and an industry exhibition. The energy shared at Winterclash is incredible. What surprises me the most is witnessing an increasing number of women and the impressive skill level of the new generation. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a panel discussion on creating a brand. The existence of spaces where ideas and perspectives are shared, contributing to awareness, can significantly improve our industry and foster a better community for future generations. At Winterclash, it's not just about skating; it's a gathering that drives collaboration, inspiration, and collective growth.


Q: How has Barcelona influenced your approach to skating and your overall lifestyle?

A: Barcelona, the dream destination for skating enthusiasts, stands out as the perfect blend of countless spots, smooth surfaces, pleasant weather, and the beach. Upon moving to Barcelona, many doors opened including learning from other professional skaters and challenging myself in iconic street spots. The city not only allowed me to enhance my skills, but also to create content while exploring the streets on skates. Furthermore, Barcelona is home to a significant portion of Rollerblade®'s freestyle and free skate team. Living here has not only been enriching on a sporting level but has also facilitated easy travel throughout Europe, enabling me to connect with passionate individuals who visit Barcelona for filming. This has cultivated a network of friends and creativity, making this city a unique and vibrant home for any skating enthusiast.


Q: Your passion for teaching skating to young kids is impressive. What inspired you to start and what impact has it had on you and your students?

A: After dedicating myself to competing internationally and traveling to many countries through skating, I asked myself how I could contribute to the skating community. Skating helped me overcome a challenging childhood, pull myself out of depression, and taught me a path of constant self-improvement. In skating and in any sport, there is a relationship between the body and consciousness, to be in balance, one must be in motion, and I can assure you that anyone who starts practicing the sport will begin to heal and reduce their stress levels. Therefore, my main goal is to share the tools of self-awareness and resilience that skating has given me, and to share them with people who also feel unsure about trying something new. I also aim to convey the idea that there are no limitations, and everyone can achieve their sporting dreams by connecting with the present and mastering the mind. For this reason, my skating classes always include meditation and mindfulness exercises. When I see a student overcome themselves or relax and enjoy something that used to cause them so much frustration, I feel completely fulfilled. It's also because I know that as human beings, we learn tools that we later apply to our lives.


Q: What were some standout moments or learning experiences for you in the past year?

A: Looking back at the past year, which was a whirlwind of travel and competitions, there were several standout moments that truly defined my journey. Fulfilling the dream of embarking on a European tour for six months, connecting with diverse skate crews in Italy, France, Slovenia, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Ireland, and Chile was an experience that filled my heart with gratitude. These travels not only allowed me to absorb the passion and motivation from different corners of the world but also opened my eyes to how I can contribute to the international skating community, particularly focusing on empowering women. It was during these moments of reflection that with other friends, we decided to reignite the RollFem project, an educational platform offering online classes and tools for skating on a global scale. Sharing our knowledge, experiences, and creating a sense of synergy within the community has become a driving force for me. I am convinced that by paving the way for future generations through shared wisdom, our community can continue to be a supportive space for learning, growth, and shared experiences.


Q: What challenges have you faced, and how do you hope to inspire more women and girls to take up inline skating?

A: As a woman in a predominantly male sport, my biggest challenge has been finding my own comfort within an extreme sport dominated by males. What I mean by this is that society often tries to fit us into a mold of what a woman should or should not do, comparing us to the strength of men. I have found comfort in surpassing myself athletically while embracing my femininity. I believe our sport is evolving, with extreme athletes increasingly focusing on their well-being. The image of a young, destructive, and rebellious skater is fading away; now, the emphasis is on caring for the body, training, nurturing the mind to achieve the best results, and pushing the boundaries. In this evolving landscape, I feel that gender is no longer a limitation. In fact, young women are standing out and performing unimaginable tricks. My goal is to inspire the new generations to cultivate their minds, enabling them to reach their maximum potential with joy and fulfillment, irrespective of gender constraints.


Q: What steps can be taken to make inline skating more inclusive and welcoming?

A: I want to send a message to all the inline skaters who have been in this for a while, whether for passion or competition. Now is the time to be aware that we, the inline skating community, are the ones responsible for making inline skating grow again, just like in the '90s. When I started skating in Chile, there weren't many girls skating, and I feel the responsibility to share my journey so that new generations can learn and progress faster. Sharing your story can inspire others, as we learn quickly through imitation. The best way to encourage more people to skate is by connecting emotionally and creating experiences as a community. It may be intimidating at first, but once you overcome any fears, you realize how rewarding inline skating is.

And for those who are just starting:

1. Acknowledge that the idea of starting to skate comes from an inner strength, so trust that you can learn and enjoy it.

2. Stop judging yourself and don't let your mind get in the way of learning.

3. Enjoy the process, use protective gear, join groups of friends who also skate, and experiment with ways to improve your skills each time you skate.


Q: You've expressed interest in starting a podcast. Can you share more about this project and the topics or stories you plan to explore?

A: The creation of a podcast has been an adventure for me. Since the moment I first set foot in a skatepark, the question of how to reach the maximum potential as an athlete been on my mind. My passion for exploring the limits of the mind has become both an obsession and a driving force. Over the past two years, I have dedicated myself to studying and exploring various tools that allow us to unlock our maximum potential. The intriguing puzzle lies in the fact that, at birth, humans generally possess similar capacities. So, what propels some to achieve incredible feats? It all boils down to the mind and the perspectives we have about ourselves. I am eager to share on this podcast the experiences and tools that have allowed me and others to enhance our awareness and improve our lives. As it is our perspectives that create everyone’s reality, and I believe that by sharing these ideas, we can collectively elevate our consciousness and transcend our limits, not only in sports but also in life. Get ready for a journey of self-discovery and sports empowerment!


Q: What are your goals for the upcoming year, both in your skating career and in your personal projects?

A: This year is shaping up to be exciting with both personal and athletic challenges. For me, challenges are an opportunity to test the personal growth tools that I have studied. My goals for this year include sharing the tools that have empowered me in sports with a broader audience, especially women, children, and the community at large, through the Conscious Athlete Podcast. I also plan to launch a project on YouTube to share the inspiring stories of skaters, contributing to the growth of skating. With the female skating community Roll Fem, we aim to create more international experiences and grow the educational platform, establishing partnerships and contributing to the skating community. And participating in the biggest international competitions. To keep exploring endless possibilities, and most importantly, to continue expanding the energy of skating.


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