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Sofia Carreras


Name: Sofia Carreras
Date of birth: December 28th

Current Location: Cancun - Mexico
Skating Since: 15 years old
Current Skate Setup: Twister XT W & Lightning W 

Explain the feeling you had the first time you put on skates.

I was 8 years old. The skates were a pair of inline skates from a friend.  They were about 6 sizes too big and they were tied completely with laces. I remember how difficult it was to put them on and remove them! And what must have been something terrifying for me was the happiest 30 minutes of my 8-year-old life. I think I'll never forget it, because from that moment I knew I would have a very special connection with skating.

What is your inspiration to keep skating?
On skates you see life differently. There is always a new way to go to work or to return home. On skates nothing is boring or repetitive. Every day you learn something new.
You make your own rhythm and that's great!

We truly believe skating makes a better world. How do you think skating makes the world a better place?
I think without a doubt that skating makes the world a better place, because it makes those who practice this sport better. It opens many doors, connects us with many people.  It teaches us discipline, perseverance, overcoming obstacles, the value of things shared with friends, and of  goals achieved, however small they may be. It allows us to know the world, to be in shape, to take care of our body and our mind. That makes us better people, without a doubt, and better people makes a better world.

How do you keep progressing and reinventing yourself?
Sometimes opportunities appear, and if they do not appear you have to create them in order to get what you want. Rollerblade® Mexico has given me the opportunity to come and work with them. It all started with giving some classes to children, and in a few days I used the social networks to organize events all over the country. I made decisions about budgets, marketing, products, etc. All this allowed me to learn more and see Rollerblade® more from within. Now we are working to open a skate shop in Cancun.  This project has been very big and super exciting because the design is my idea and I want it to go well! In Mexico there is a lot to do and we are working hard! All this has given me added value to my knowledge and my personality. I'm very grateful.

What's the most helpful tip you want to share with any skater?
People will remember you for how you are as a person, and not for what nice you do the tricks.

Imagine a world filled with animals who can skate. If you could be any of those animals, what would you be and why?
It would be a cat, because they have incredible physical powers. They are very intelligent. They are persistent in their objectives. They are very elegant in their movements. And because they can sleep a lot!

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