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Inline skating is the best way in the off-season to recreate the unique muscle movements and carving motions found in skiing.
Skiers at every ability level are discovering the amazing cross-training and fitness benefits of inline skating.
Whether you’re a green run cruiser, powder hound, or podium seeking racer, connect your winters with Rollerblade inline skates.

"Inline skating develops the sense of dynamic balance, sense of space, time, and similar muscle work as needed in alpine skiing."

Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Belgrade Professional paper:
The application of inline skates in alpine skiers training

Andre Limbacher

Austria Ski Team

Ski Cross World Champion 2015


Go Team USA!

Rollerblade is proud to be an official supplier to the US Ski Team.

This winter please join us in cheering on these amazing athletes in their quests for gold. Find out more about how members of the US Ski Team use Rollerblade inline skates to train and get their turns in during the off-season.

Tommy Biesmeyer

US Ski Team

Super G & Downhill

"I firmly believe that for cross training for skiing, inline skating is a strong asset"

Brennan Rubie

US Ski Team

Giant Slalom & Super G

"A lot of muscles that you use skiing are similar to those you use inline skating. Keeping those muscles in shape is really important when you get back on snow and you need your powder legs back."

Ron Bonnevie

Head U14 Coach

Carrabassett Valley Academy

"Alpine ski race kids will have a lot of fun on inline skates and will be developing skills that transfer once back on snow. Skating is a great way to connect your winters."

Sierra Quittiquit

Check out how big mountain skier / model Sierra Quittiquit
is using her skates to train, have fun, and stay in shape

"Don’t Lose Your Edge This Summer!"

Rollerblade has designed specific inline skates with the needs of skiers in mind.
Choose between a molded shell skate that’s ideal for cross-triaining, or a soft upper fitness skate that’s ideal for some longer distance fitness sessions