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Join the crew on an all-day adventure packed with four sports

Meet the crew in Davos Switzerland and join them on a day filled with four different sports that shows how you can transition to spring and inline skating. Anna, Danny, and Martin have a fun-filled day of speed skating, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, and an inline skating session.


Danny: “Winter sports absolutely awesome, remember when the winter is over you have got the tarmac and inline skates to continue the fun!”


Inline skating continues to increase in popularity and is enjoyable way to improve overall fitness and conditioning. Inline skating activates different muscle groups that keeps the body flexible and is low impact. If you are a skier, inline skating keeps you in shape for the ski season as it mimics the skiing movements which can reduce the risk of injury at the new start of the winter season.  Check out Rollerblade®’s Skate to Ski program for more.  

Like winter sports, inline skating allows you to get outside and enjoy new scenery.  It adds variety to your fitness routine to prevent monotony, keeps you motivated and improves your overall fitness and well-being.

Martin, a speed skater, and coach for different styles of skating, gives some speed skating and cross-country skiing tips to Danny and Anna in this video. Watch as they skate the rink, go down the slope and eventually return to what they do best - inline skating.