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Danny's Point:  How Inline Skating Helps with Overall Wellbeing

The latest installment of Danny’s Point discusses how skating has not only helped him stay more active; it has also provided an outlet for his overall wellbeing and helped.  You know the feeling after you go skating, you have the endorphins from skating that can carry those positive vibes through the rest of your day.


Inline skating provides an escape and as well as exercise. The rhythmic motion of skating can help clear the mind and foster a state of mindfulness.  It’s a great way to get outside, check out bike paths or scenic routes or simply just enjoy being in nature.  


So, how can you incorporate skating into your day?  Danny recommends using skating to as a means of transportation or to do errands.  This can be as simple at skating to a coffee shop or commuting to work on skates.  Now, get outside and skate!