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Guides & Maintenance

Guides & Maintenance: Choose your skate.

To help you choose the right Rollerblade® inline skate for you, we created a video to guide you through this process. This will help you determine the best skates for you and answer any questions you have. Visit the Guides & Maintenance page to learn more.


Guides & Maintenance: Upgrade and replace.

Rollerblade® skates come in several setups and are equipped with bearings, wheels and other skate parts designed for optimal performance. If you have found the perfect skate already and have enjoyed for a full season or some good sessions, now is the time to upgrade your gear. Visit the upgrade and replacement page for more information. 


Guides & Maintenance: Before and after skating

Safety is important to keep in mind when going out for skate session. Besides wearing protective gear, we recommend checking the skates and gear before and after the session. This video will help you on your way. Visit the Guides & Maintenance page for all the videos about before and after skating


Guides & Maintenance: Customize your skate setup

The Rollerblade® skates all have different options to find your ideal setup for your specific skating needs and goals. For the Speed, Urban and Apex collection, our videos guide you on your way to find and customize your ideal set up. 

For more, check out all the videos on our Guides & Maintenance page