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“Into the groove” with Anna Royo

With roots in figure skating, Anna Royo showcases what the possibilities can be on inline skates. As a free skater, she quickly developed her style and skills. Check out the video to see Anna groove on her inline skates to music. The music inspires Anna to flow in her distinctive way.  


Read more in our Q&A with Anna.

Q. How has your background in figure skating influenced your style and technique in inline skating?

A. My experience in figure skating has had a significant impact on my inline skating style and technique. During my years of professional ice-skating competitions, I developed a solid foundation in terms of balance, control, and graceful movements.

These fundamentals have naturally translated to inline skating. For example, the precision in executing turns and pirouettes that I honed on the ice has improved my ability to perform fluid and graceful movements on inline skates. My understanding of posture, rhythm and choreography has also been beneficial in creating engaging routines in inline skating.


Q. Can you talk about how you caught the attention of Rollerblade® and how the sponsorship came about?

A. From the moment I started inline skating, several people asked me for my Instagram account because they liked my skating style. Later, gradually, I started posting some videos of my skate performances. I posted a reel that caught the attention of Rollerblade® team member Danny Aldridge. Since that moment, two years have passed in which I have been a member of the Rollerblade® team.


Q. How has being sponsored by Rollerblade® impacted your inline skating career?

A. My Rollerblade® sponsorship has had a transformative impact on my inline skating career. Coming from ice skating, where I had experience but was facing new terrain in inline skating, the partnership with Rollerblade® has been invaluable.

Rollerblade® not only provided me with the best equipment and inline skates on the market, but also gave me a platform to learn and gain experience in marketing. Through their support and guidance, I have been able to better understand how business partnerships, product promotion, and creating engaging content for social media works.


Q. You recently worked on a new video project with Greg Mirzoyan and a great musician. How did this collaboration come to be?

A. This collaboration arose from my idea to try a new type of content. I devised the combination of freestyle inline skating and figure skating, accompanied by original music, with the purpose of presenting a new and motivating perspective for those who wish to start inline skating.


Q. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind combining music and skating in this unique way?

A. My background in ice skating has instilled in me a deep appreciation for the harmony of movement and music. At each ice performance, I discovered how music can elevate and bring movements to life, creating a captivating experience for both me and the audience.

Ultimately, the inspiration comes from my desire to share the beauty and emotion I find in music and skating, and to provide a motivating experience for those who want to explore this artistic fusion. I hope this combination can inspire others to discover the magic of music and inline skating in a unique and personal way.


Q. Are there plans for future collaborations or video projects after this one?

A. I have a lot of ideas! I can assure you that there will be interesting things in the future.


Q. What challenges did you encounter while filming, and how did you overcome them?

A. During the filming, I was faced with several challenges that required meticulous attention and effective solutions. My approach is to ensure that both the movements and the skating style are visible and at their best, as well as achieving optimal video quality to highlight the music and choreography.


Q. Moving on to the Berlin Marathon, you're about to skate your first inline skate marathon ever. How are you preparing for it?

A. I am excited to participate in my first marathon in Berlin. My preparation is not focused on a competitive high-performance approach, but rather on enriching my experience and learning from it.


Q. What motivated you to take part in the Berlin Marathon and what are your expectations?

A. This event has motivated me from the perspective of understanding the operation of the various sports disciplines that involve skating, since I have a genuine interest in acquiring knowledge from other fields and transcending my comfort zone. This not only contributes to the development of my sports career, but also to my personal growth.

Skating a marathon in another country offers the opportunity to experience a new culture and meet people from different places. Skate marathons bring together people with similar interests. Skaters can expect to make social connections and friends from all over the world.


Q. Finally, how do you see your journey in inline skating evolving after the Berlin Marathon? Are there any other new challenges or projects you're looking forward to?

A. Since I started in this sport, I have advanced in terms of technical skills and performance. My participation in the Berlin Marathon will be an important milestone in my career.

As for new challenges and projects, I am eager to continue exploring different forms of inline skating and participate in larger competitions. Additionally, I am working on creating educational and motivational content related to inline skating to share my experience and knowledge with other enthusiasts of this sport.

In summary, my evolution in inline skating has been encouraging, and I am excited about the challenges and future projects that will allow me to continue growing both athletically and personally.