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5 Reasons to skate the Berlin Marathon, instead of running

The Berlin Marathon inline skating will take place on September 24, 2022 and you can register now for the season highlight on wheels! If you are a runner; finishing a marathon is probably on the top of your list. Finishing a marathon on inline skaters should be added after reading this!


If you have never started at the finish you can think of several reasons to not start at the marathon. But once you have started and finished a marathon alone or with a crew you are part of a movement and will spread the word to others. Here we share 5 reasons to start at this years Berlin Marathon on inline skates.


  • Work towards a new goal.

Riding, and preparing for the marathon is a great goal. It might feel scary and out of your comfort zone. But the road to the finish is a pleasing one. Either going out for a first ride around town or the actual start at the marathon you have set a goal and your will succeed. The physical challenge and mental battle during the preparation and ride could be experienced as tough but will be incredibly rewarding when you reach your goal. This can be finishing the marathon, starting the marathon or having a drink with afterwards with your crew and or new friends.

  • You will not stop rolling.

With every stride and push you have momentum to roll forwards. Compared to running you have to keep running, on inline skates you can rest during your ride and roll towards the finish line. If you stop skating you will keep on moving and this fact makes inline skating the marathon accessible for everyone. With a time limit of 2 hours and 30 minutes, an average speed 17km/h will ensure you to take it home! Riding in a group of skaters, with all the audience and on a great surface makes you roll across the finish in Berlin.

  • Lower impact.

Several studies have show that inline skating reduces the impact on your joints by 50 percent compared to running. Inline skating has some great bone density enhancing benefits as it is a weight bearing activity, you are improving your bones but not hurting them at the same time. Inline skating a marathon will improve your joint strengths and your bones.

  • You will finish!

When starting a marathon with the basics of inline skating you will make it to the finish, either with or without intensive training.  So don’t be afraid that you will not finish and don’t let that thought hold you back to start the “race”. The rule of inline skating: it is twice as fast as running. You will finish the marathon faster and easier. With a proper training towards the marathon you can even challenge yourself and try to beat a time you have in mind. Most important of inline skating a marathon: You will cross the finish line!

  • Enjoy the environment with the family.

The Berlin Marathon is a celebration of inline skating. With more than 5.000 professional and leisure inline skaters The Berlin Marathon is the world’s largest inline skating marathon. Berlin welcomes inline skaters from over 60 countries who turn the German capitol into a international festival on wheels. While inline skating the marathon, you experience a steady stride and time to enjoy the environment. The marathon crosses the beautiful and historical city of Berlin in a unique way. During the marathon you are able to soak it all in and still manage to finish the race. Looking for a new way to see the capitol of Germany, sign in for the Berlin inline marathon now.


Inline skating will positively effect your mental health and help clear your  mind. During the marathon or at the training you will experience a healthy state of mind that brings happiness and fun. The endorphins released by your brain will make you feel happy and relieve pain. If you join the marathon with your crew you are able to share this feeling with your close friends and create memories that you’ll keep forever….. Until the next year, when you appear at the start again!


The Berlin Marathon is “THE” inline skate event of the year. And therefore we strongly encourage everyone to join this event. Come join us at the start and celebrate inline skating after the finish! If you need some more information on how to get started, tips and tricks for a better ride or maintenance tips go to our WEB TV on the website. See you in Berlin!

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