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Kevin Quintin: A Life on Wheels

Kevin Quintin has been on wheels since he was a little boy. For about 30 years he’s had wheels attached to his feet.  Growing up in Marseille, France he learned to skate in the world famous bowl at the beach of his hometown. This shaped his style of skating: hard and fast and without any boundaries.

Starting in Marseille Kevin tried many disciplines of inline skating. He won the World Championship of the skate cross and other titles with his team. A life as a skater has taught him so much and it helped shape him into the man he is today.  Now, as a skate instructor, he shares his knowledge with the younger generation of skaters in Marseille.

As we sit down to talk we learn that he has set a new goal for the upcoming Berlin Marathon in September. Last year he completed the Berlin Marathon race on wheels and shoes; an amazing accomplishment. With the limitations due to the current pandemic, he still prepares for this year’s event. We have to wait and see how this will evolve for Kevin and the other racers around the world.  For now, enjoy a clip of Kevin’s life on wheels.