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Danny's Point: The best events for inline skaters

Join Danny in this episode where he shares some of his recommendations on inline skating events. These tips are for everyone and can be done anywhere in the world. You may have to do a little bit of research on what events are right for you, but it’s definitely worth the effort! Events are a fun way to celebrate inline skating as you progress, and they help to provide a platform for athletes and ambassadors to showcase their skills. More importantly, events create an even stronger sense of community. 

  1. Community Skates - Almost every major town across the globe has a local community skate that are often put on by local skate organizations and/or skate shops. These can include weekly meet ups, night skates or skate sessions. These are usually held on a regular basis and have been growing quite big in the last couple of years. We highly suggest you join a community skate near you!
  2. Half or Full Marathons – These might seem intimidating at first, but every skater can finish a half or a full marathon. It much easier that running, and skating has a lower impact.  Best of all, you will keep on rolling on wheels! And while you are at it, you can set goals too. If you are looking for an event, Rollerblade® is part of high-profile marathons such as the BMW Berlin Marathon and North Shore Marathon. With a little research you will find a nice half or full marathon within reach.
  3. Special Events – Inline skating includes several types of skating ranging from speed to park to fitness. If you happen to catch a special event such as the Winterclash (the most epic street and park contest), a skate cross or a freestyle slalom competition, you will be amazed and inspired.

Please tell us your local or must-see event down here in the link below so our community doesn’t miss the next best event!