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Better Than Ever: The Rollerblade® Twister

The Rollerblade® Twister freeskate has been upgraded to be an even better version of itself. With a true-to-size, updated fit, the new Twister Family exists of three incredible models:

  • Rollerblade® Twister 110 3WD
  • Rollerblade® Twister XT W
  • Rollerblade® Twister XT

The updated Twister is designed to ensure comfort and stability. A new Twister frame design allows for maximum power transfer. Add the premium updated liner with the reinforced tongue and you have the perfect freeskate for taking on any urban environment.

Featuring new color-ways and accents so that everyone in the family has a skate they love to roll on. In this video you see Rollerblade® athlete Franck Steve cruising in the new Twister skates with his family.

Follow this link for more Twister information.