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Rollerblade® now has 100% recycled paper packaging.

Inline skating contributes to a healthy mind and body. As a means of transportation, inline skating has zero emissions, which is a great benefit for our global environment. Lately, due to people wanting to spend more time outside to get fit and relieve stress, the number of inline skaters around the globe has increased significantly, which we highly encourage. To help reflect the push to a better environment, we have taken the steps to make our packaging more sustainable.

We are delighted to announce a very important and impactful adjustment for our packaging. At Rollerblade® we keep innovating to release the best skates and hardware and to ensure our business practices are as sustainable as possible. Lowering our carbon footprint and the impact we have on the environment is important for us and future generations. Therefore, we have committed to only using recycled paper in our packaging moving forward.
These steps contribute to a more socially conscious and environmentally responsible production. Please join us and work towards a better tomorrow and healthy environment. 

Ronnie Kuliecza / Director of Product Development, Rollerblade®
“Our vision is a world in motion through skating, but there is more to this. A lot goes into the testing, production and sales of our products. We are proud to contribute to an activity and means of transportation that can help reduce carbon emissions for a cleaner planet but also realize we are not perfect and can do more.

We want cleaner oceans, lakes, rivers and less plastic in landfill in our future and reduced use of non-recyclable plastics. This is why we started to remove all plastic contents from our packaging as a first step towards being betters stewards of the environment. Previously, skates were packaged in polybags with additional plastic components to hold booklets and additional accessories. We realized the potential waste here and knew this was one of the first areas we could address quickly.

Moving forward all skates will utilize recycled paper to cover skates and enclose additional hardware that comes with the skates.  

We are dedicated to exploring all options to reduce the use of virgin plastics in our products as well, without compromising the performance and experience skating brings to our customers. Rollerblade wants to play an active role in making the world and cleaner and better place for all to enjoy. We inspire people to move freely on wheels but want that inspiration to have more meaning than we originally intended it to.”

Jeremy Stonier / President and Business Unit Director, Rollerblade®
“At Rollerblade we have been honored and humbled by the tremendous growth in interest for our sport and our brand this year. At a time when the world is facing incredible challenges, we are grateful to be able to share the fun and freedom of skating with more people than ever. Removing all plastics from our skate packaging is just one small step in a series of changes we are making to ensure that we are not only bringing the health benefits of skating to people, but also doing our part to make our company more sustainable.”