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Rollerblade® RB 80

RB 80 is a great skate for those wanting something durable, yet comfortable and maneuverable. This skate features four urban profile 80mm wheels and SG7 bearings for added control, stability and speed. The molded boot technology, lateral support, secure closure system, lateral sliders and shock absorbing padding in the heel make this an ultra responsive and versatile skate that skaters of all abilities can appreciate. The brake comes mounted on the skate.



• MOLDED BOOT SKATES are perfect for the skater who wants a sturdy molded skate at a lower price point. Skate anywhere and everywhere in this extremely versatile and durable skate.

• SUPPORTIVE AND VENTILATED the RB 80 molded shell provides exceptional lateral support and vents for breathability.

• PADDED PERFORMANCE LINER with additional heel shock absorber for vibration dampening while skating. Dual buckle and lace closure makes the skate feel like an extension of the foot.

• EXTRUDED ALUMINUM FRAME - Rigid and stable, the 243mm/9.6” frame lowers the center of gravity for increased maneuverability and control.

• ROLLERBLADE URBAN PROFILE WHEELS - 80mm wheels and SG7 bearings add stability, reducing wear while maximizing grip and maneuverability