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Kevin Quintin first Inline Marathon

On Saturday, September 28, 2019, over 5,000 inline skaters gathered in Berlin for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON - Inline Skate. Although the weather was rainy and the roads were slick, the race was exciting and our team of amazing athletes did very well. Additionally, for Rollerblade® it was a special weekend because the founder and creator of Rollerblade® Scott Olson started the race.

One of the riders who finished the inline skate marathon is OG skater Kevin Quintin from Marseille. Kevin has been on wheels since the early days and is well known for skating a bowl like no other and for his explosive transition skills. For the weekend in Berlin Rollerblade® invited Kevin to skate and run the marathon. We are proud to support Kevin on his journey for his first marathon on skates. Read about his experience here:

“It was the first time for me to skate a marathon. I was very excited and eager to start. Unfortunately we had to wait for 25min in the rain before we could start. I couldn’t wait to ride my new setup with the 125mm wheels. It was a pleasure to ride these skates. I was really surprised with the weight of the skates.  Even in the rain I could control them pretty well. The ankle support is stable enough to push and to keep the speed. At the start I was able to maneuvre and slalom through the people very well, so I could find my line and pace. With my fresh legs I finished at 01:31:15 and was ready for the run the next day."

The day after the inline marathon I was juiced for the marathon on shoes. It was dry at the start and it all went fine. During the last 4k the cramps got a hold of me, but I managed to finish on survival mode. My time was 02:57:52 and I can look back at a good weekend in Berlin.

My body and mind will never forget this 24 hour visit to Berlin where I covered over 84k on shoes and wheels! See you soon Germany!

Thanks Rollerblade for the invitation.
Kevin Quintin