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Carlos Arturo Tarazona Ropero

Speed Team Athlete

Name: Carlos Arturo Tarazona Ropero
Nationality: Venezuela
Date of birth: 19/08/1996
Lives: A Coruña Galicia España
Trains: Vigo, A Coruña - España

Languages spoken: Spanish

Started skating in: 2011
Club: I don’t have one at the moment
Favorite distances and/or races: 42 Km Marathon, 10 thousand points, 15 thousand eliminations.

Typical week of training/training routine: 
Four days biking two - six hours.
Four days skating two hours.
Two days gym one and a half hours.

Skating career/most remarkable results: 
 4th, Berlin Inline Marathon
4th, Rennes Inline Marathon 
6th, L’Aquila Inline Marathon 
11th, Madeira Marathon 
4th, World Inline Cup Standings 
1st, Villa de Simancas  Marathon 
8th, Track elimination, World Games 
10th, Track elimination, World Games
8th, Road points, World Games
2nd, Albacete International Marathon 
3rd, p2p Zubiri-Pamplona bridge.

6th, World Championship Marathon, Colombia
6th, Berlin Inline Marathon
1st, Talavera de la Reina Marathon
1st, Three Cultures Toledo Marathon
2nd, Spanish road championship.

2020: I did not compete at all in skating.

Best memories in speed skating: 
3 tracks France 2013; my first international competition.

Worst memories in speed skating: 
In the 2013 Venezuelan national championship I had a radius and ulna fracture and had to get surgery.

Other sports:
Road Cycling