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Veronica Luciani and Doucelin Pédicone protagonists of the 3 Pistes

Veronica Luciani and Doucelin Pédicone protagonists of the 3 Pistes

Veronica Luciani and Doucelin Pédicone captured the bronze at the famous track competition “3 Pistes Trophee” (France) this week-end. The Rollerblade World team particularly performed on the tracks of South-West of France, for their first competition all together.

Veronica Luciani once again proved she is a very versatile speed skater. The Italian is able to perform on both long and short distances. She only captured Top 5 (expect at one race) all the 3 days of races through. She even took a win in Gujan-Mestras on day 2. Her teammate Alicia Delhommais is continuing to improve her level and was from a very good help. Alicia is used to the slippery track of Pibrac (day 1) and the bank track of Gujan-Mestras is her training place. The promising duo is now on its way to other great competition, for sure!

Doucelin Pédicone is getting closer and closer to the World Top level. This third place at the Trophee is the proof that he is in the place. Doucelin managed to take 2 podiums during the weekend: 1 in Pibrac and 1 in Gujan-Mestras for the big finale. His teammates Matteo Barison and Quentin Giraudeau were from big help. They both were unfortunate to fall in Pibrac during the last race on Saturday. We even feared the worst concerning Matteo. But they came back little by little and took confidence again during the big finale in Gujan-Mestras on day 3. Once again, this is good news for the coming races: it’s only the beginning of the season.

Now the team will take some rest and train together before to go to Gross Gerau for the next competition on next week-end: see you in Germany!

Congratulations to Paxit Peula (Spain), Aura Quintana (Colombia) and Marine Lefeuvre (France) who competed this week-end on Hydrogen Pro wheels too.

Overall rankings
1 – Marine Lefeuvre (Fra, EO Skates)
2 – Aura Quintana (Col, Desliza Vitoria)
3 – Veronica Luciani (Ita, Rollerblade World Team)
7 – Alicia Delhommais (Fra, Rollerblade World Team)


1 – Patxi Peula (Spa, Desliza Vitoria)
2 – Timothy Loubineaud (Fra, Powerslide International)
3 – Doucelin Pédicone (Fra, Rollerblade World Team)