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Internazionali d'Italia Open in L'Aquila

First podium of the season for Doucelin


First international rendez-vous of the season for the speed skaters: the Internazionali d’Italia Open. And first podium for Rollerblade! On the fast track of L'Aquila, Italy, Doucelin Pédicone managed to take the bronze of the 5km elimination race. Bastien Lhomme finished 5, very close.


The first international competition of this complicated season was held on the 21-23 May in L’Aquila, Italy, thanks to the local club CPGA and the WIC organization. This was the first time in 2021 the speed skaters had the opportunity to compete together.


The Rollerblade Speed Team was represented by Doucelin Pédicone and Bastien Lhomme. They took the start of the long distance races on track and of the marathon. Doucelin took the bronze of the 5k track elimination race, just before Olympian Bart Swings (Belgium, Powerslide) and European champion Martin Ferrié (France, EO Skates). During the race, Bastien made a perfect work to protect and replace his team mate, whereas Duccio Marsili from Rollerblade Italy showed up his skills too.


In the women’s race, Alicia Delhommais from Rollerblade France captured the bronze too. She finished just before Marine Lefeuvre (France, EO Skates) and Linda Rossi (Italy, Torollski Center di Pesaro).


On the marathon circuit of L’Aquila, the Rollerblade Speed Team skaters were as well close to take another podium. In the first part of the race, Doucelin managed to escape with two (former) world champions of the distance: Bart Swings (Belgium, Powerslide) and Nolan Beddiaf (France, EO Skates). But they were swallowed back in and finally finished the 42k in the first pack.


During these days of competition, the Rollerblade athletes proved the Hydrogen Pro Wheels were very fast in each conditions, on the track (the 110mm wheels) as well as on the road (the 125mm wheels). Doucelin and Bastien had the opportunity to do some prints with our partner Davide Mariani, who will provide them with Rollerblade Pro custom boots.


The next international competition will be held in Madeira, Portugal, in June. Last season, Doucelin won the marathon there… For sure he will be the one to watch!