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THE TRIP: Rolling through Costa Brava

Let’s go on a trip! Get your crew together, pack your bags, charge all the devices, and jump in the van. Plan or no plan, just go with the flow. Traveling with friends means you’re bound to have a great time and create great memories that last forever. Some for sharing, and some best left for those in the moment.

On this trip we hit the Costa Brava in Spain with some of our favorite ladies: Sofi Carerras, Ramata Diallo, Anna Royo, and Javi Garrido. All geared up with upgraded skate setups, this awesome crew is ready for sunny days of inline skating and fun at the Balearic Sea. The ladies enjoyed some great spots during their trip and made awesome memories, some of which they shared on their socials. A getaway like this is a great way to bond with friends. Are you ready to go on a trip with your crew?

Anna Roya @annaroyo_
Ramata Diallo @ramatadiallo95
Sofi Carerra @sofi_carreras
Javi Garrido @javi_garrido_

Video shot by: Greg Mirzoyan