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The New Macroblade: “Skate Your Workout”

The new Macroblade skate has just hit the shelves and is ready to roll. The Macroblade skate is the go to skate if you are looking for an all-round fitness and workout skate. This skate is a great bridge between the race and recreational skate worlds. It has optimal support, speed, comfort, and stability.  The new Macroblade line has some major technologic improvements.

  • The new Macroblade offers a better wrap with the knit and engineered mesh upper combined with the secure speed lacing closure system. This technology gives maximum comfort, support, and style.
  • The Macroblade comes in different variations to meet every skater’s demands. Find out more about the Macroblade family:
  • The Macroblade 80 is ideal for newer skaters looking to get an enhanced entry level skate. The ABT model provides control and stability for skaters needing a little extra confidence and support when stopping. The new mesh upper offers more comfort.
  • The Macroblade 84 features a different color from the Macroblade 80, 84mm wheels and  ABT, (Active Brake Technology).
  • The Macroblade 90 is a high performance recreational skate and a perfect match when upgrading for a faster ride. The 90mm wheel size and comfort mesh fit, with high cuff create a better sense of stability and control when skating. The Macroblade 90 comes with a detachable brake on the skates.
  • The Macroblade 100 3WD performance skate is one of the fastest skates with superior lateral support and mesh comfort upper. This skate is a great bridge product between the race and recreational skate worlds. The Macroblade 100 3WD comes with detachable brake on the skates.
  • The Macroblade 110 3WD with comfortable athletic shoe knit upper has the most comfortable liner in the game. With the superior lateral support this is one of the fastest and most comfortable skates. Brake is in the box.

Follow this link for more information about the Macroblade skates.