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Kris Fondran


Name: Kris Fondran
Age: 50

Current Location: Cleveland, OH
Skating Since: On ice since 8 years; On inline skates since 1988
Current Skate Setup: Maxxum 84 & Tempest 110


What are your three proudest moments from 2017? Why?
1: Not shying away from a big birthday! Turned 50 in 2017 and had 100+ friends there to witness and celebrate.
2: Introducing over 200 university students to the health and stress relieving benefits of a regular yoga practice.

3: Representing skating in just as many ways as possible: inline, ice hockey, ice figure, and in the snow (snowskating) and loving every way there is to skate!

Highlights from Team Rollerblade® in 2017.
1: Filmed “Tips for Beginners 2” & Rollerblade Training Videos in Long Beach, CA
2: Presented at the Rollerblade Annual International Sales Meeting in Venice, Italy
3: Represented the RB brand at the Skater Migration in South Beach, Florida

Knowing what you know now, what would have done differently in 2017?
1: Worried less. Things always seem to work out.
2: Said less, listened more.

What are you most looking forward in 2018?
1: 20th Year Directing the Inline Certification Program (ICP) ~Wow!
2: More “being”, less “doing”.
3: Time with family.

What are the top three locations you plan to visit in 2018?
1: Reykjavik, Iceland
2: Munger, India
3: Chattanooga, TN

Give us three ways you prioritize health and fitness in your life.
1: Striving for balance in all aspects of life. On and off skates, it is the key to staying happy and upright.
2: Start the day with a yoga and meditation practice.
3: Eat primarily a plant-based diet.

What are you top three personal goals to achieve this year?
1: “Choose Kind” always.
2: To be as present as possible in each moment.
3: List “Best Moments” from each day all 365 days and reflect on an amazing year on December 31st.

What are the next three upcoming events will you attend.
1: Skater Migration February 2018
2: Skate of the Union in July 2018
3: Duluth Inline Marathon

What is your mantra or key hashtag for 2018?
#bepresent  #skating365

Events for 2018:
- Skater Migration February 2018
- Skate of the Union
- 10k Challenge in Cleveland
- Duluth Inline Marathon
- Various Certifications program through the ICP