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206 Mile Skate in 2 Days

Kacie Cleveland Seattle to Portland 206 Mile Skate in 2 Days

What is STP?
STP stands for Seattle To Portland! A long distance cycling event with 10,000+ athletes (Everyone but me and a couple of friends are on bikes.)

How far is STP?

206 miles

Why do you like to skate long distance?

Because of the challenge! I love skating on smooth roads but completing a challenge on my skates with steep hills, rough roads, and epic bridges makes me feel so proud of myself!

Is this the hardest event you have ever done?

It's the hardest 2 day event I've ever done, but it doesn't compare to the mental and physical challenges I faced skating across the country!

How do you prepare for an event like this?

PHYSICALLY: I CrossFit 4-5 days/week and skate 2 days/week - 1 day speed intervals and one long endurance day either on my skates, running trails, biking, or swimming.
MENTALLY: I focus on finishing and decide to never give up, no matter what!

What did people think about you being one of the only inline skaters in a bike race?

Mile 0-50: no one believed me
Mile 51-100: people were shocked I was still going
Mile 100-150: everyone encouraged me
Mile 151-206: groups would applaud me and fully support me finishing strong!


What did you learn about yourself during this event?
That if I have a positive attitude and surround myself with fun people, we can make something so difficult seem like a party!

Do you like to inspire other women to do crazy stuff?

I love to encourage women and men that if there's something they dream of doing then they should go do it! Fear, skill, or the unknown of even being able to finish should never hold someone back from TRYING!