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Macroblade Family – Episode 3 Bassjackers

To most people the life of a DJ looks like one big party, but the reality is that, like any job, it is, well, a job. It’s hard work and you need a good mental and psychical state to perform well. We caught up with close friend Marlon Flohr, who is the DJ in the duo Bassjackers to give us some insights into the life of a DJ.

Marlon travels the globe to perform in clubs and at huge festivals for millions of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) lovers. Traveling much and dealing with jet-lag before and after performing has a huge impact on a persons well being.  To offset the effects of jetlag and travel Marlon works on his health as much as possible. Skating his Rollerblade® Macroblades is one of the key components to health.

In the early 90’s Marlon started skating and within a short period he was shredding the streets and park. After a few years his interest shifted towards music.  But he always kept rolling and kept his love for skating. One of his first gigs was at the Mind the Gap skate contest organized by Rollerblade® street athlete Sven Boekhorst.

Marlon is looking for comfort and performance now, so he rides the Macrblade. Whenever he finds time, he chooses to skate as transportation and hits an outdoor workout spot. Marlon prefers to use skating and bodyweight based exercises to stay in shape.  This simple workout method requires minimal planning and equipment.  It is the perfect workout for a person on the go.

Marlon really loves the extra mental boost that skating gives to the workout. Get out on the streets, fast and smooth helps create a clear mind.

Check out the video.  Plug in some Bassjackers tunes and ride with Marlon on the Rollerblade® Macroblade.