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Rollerblade Collections

Inline skating offers several different disciplines; each with their own skills but all with great benefits. The Rollerblade® collection of skates offers exactly what YOU need and want in any skate discipline you choose. This article highlights three disciplines and features compilation videos:

- Rollerblade® Fitness inline skates
- Rollerblade® Urban inline skates
- Rollerblade® Microblade kids skates

Whatever your needs and demands are for your inline skating pursuits Rollerblade® keeps you rolling.


Rollerblade® Fitness Collection: Maintain physical fitness and general well-being.
The Rollerblade® fitness collection is designed to maintain physical fitness and improve general well-being. Inline skating helps you to get and stay in shape with weight control and core strength improvement.
The collection of fitness skates exists of three ranges:

- Fitness performance
- Fitness recreation
- Fitness X-training

The Rollerblade® line of fitness skates are available in different price ranges and tech specs to meet your needs.  Whatever your fitness pursuits are, Rollerblade® will lead the way.

See the full range of fitness skates here.


Rollerblade® Urban Collection: Take your wheels downtown.
Once you have mastered the basics and feel ready for more adventure on wheels the Rollerblade® Urban collection of skates will meet your needs and demands. Perfect for either for an urban ride across town or a couple of tricks in the skate park. The collection consists of molded supportive boots that offer great support and added comfort with the high-quality liners.

The urban collection is designed with manoeuvrability in mind to be used in an urban environment and fast commuting. Energy transfer is important for added speed and the “shock eraser” absorbs impact to enhance your skating experience. Visit the link and see The Rollerblade® Urban Collection.

See the full range of urban skates here.


Rollerblade® Microblade Kids Skate Collection: Fun and games on wheels.
Kids are the best at turning anything into a game. Drop a few cones on the ground and watch them zig-zag and dodge. Let them ride in a skatepark and they have fun for hours.  Even and empty court can quickly became a race track for the young adventure athletes.

Little do they know they are learning new skills and building coordination at the same time. The Rollerblade® Microblade skates from our youth collection offers a size adjustable skate with a low center of gravity for an optimal support and 3WD or 4WD options for a great rolling experience.  It’s all fun and games for the kids with the Rollerblade® Microblade!

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