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Rollerblade Introduces Chihab Chaher

Chihab Chaher started skating in 1990 at the age of 7. Chihab is a talented urban freeskater and street skater. Seven years ago he walked into the famous French skate shop called Nomade shop, and now he manages all the inline skates, BMX, and protection gear for them. He just got his hands on the new Rollerblade Maxxum Edge 125MM 3WD, and we met up with him to see what he thinks about the product.

Chihab, how did you start skating?

I lived right next to the old local Crazyroller. The people of this crew, in particular Momo Sylla, introduced me to the world of inline skating.

What other hobbies do you practice besides skating?
I have had a new passion for the past two years. It is Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

You work at Nomadeshop in Paris. How is it to be connected with so many skaters from your city?
It is super cool to work at Nomadeshop because you get to meet all type of skaters, from beginner to the experts. We have the same passion as our customers. It is easy for me to start a dialogue and therefore know what they need. We also meet our customers outside the store to skate together. That is always nice.

You have a lot of knowledge about different skates and hardware. What can you share with us about the new Rollerblade Maxxum Edge 125mm 3WD?
The Rollerblade Maxxum Edge 125mm 3WD will become the benchmark in the category of 125mm skates. The liner and shell offer an anatomical fit for superior performance. Underneath the shell they have the anti-torsion box, which allows an increase in the maneuverability and the rigidity for of better sensation of skating.

The spoiler is very nice. It is light and offers one rigidity lateral. Its v-cut allows you to have one thrust complete of better quality and without embarrassment.
The buckles micrometric have a new design. They are practical and elegant. The 3WD Frames 3WD of Maxxum are in aluminum extrudeé and therefore very solid. The placement of wheels on this platinum allows have three wheels of 125mm but with one guard at soil enough low. The perfect positioning of wheels allows increases maneuverability. And the 125mm Hydrogen wheels «made in usa» are magic!!!!

The Maxxum Edge is designed to be the ultimate cross trainer skate. To what skaters would you recommend these skates?
I recommend this skate to people who are looking for multifunctional skates. If you want to go to work on skates.... you can. If you want to replace some running sessions for intensive skate sessions.... you can. The Maxxum Edge will be an asset to increasing your performance. Inline skating makes it possible to work on muscle groups that are not necessarily used while walking or running. Some sports like basketball, football, boxing, and judo, demand good lateral strength. If you incorporate skating into your training plan you can improve your lateral strength and support to avoid injuries.

The Maxxum Edge 125mm 3WD will meet your expectations for either skating around town or for a long distance ride.

Thanks for having a chat with us and sharing your experience on the new Maxxum Edge 125mm 3WD.
Thank you . It was a pleasure to talk about the Maxxum edge 125mm 3WD. I enjoyed this skate from day one. See you in Paris, or another city in the world, for a skate session.