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The Macroblade Skates: Shredding Through Malaga

The Macroblade family of skates, from the X-Fit line, meets the needs of all skaters. From casual skating to cross training. The Macroblade family offers a variety of cuff heights, wheel sizes, and other features so that the right skate for any ability is available.

Here you see the crew shredding through Malaga. Whatever your preference is: a casual ride with friends, a more performance oriented session, or an addition to your cross training, the Macroblade offers the right skate for you. From 80mm 4WD up to 110 3WD your demands will be met.

Check out the crew and all the different Macroblade skates and they takeover Malaga on a sunny day on Spain. Don’t you wish you were there too?

Ewen Fernandez
Danny Aldridge
Raquel Villalta
Juanan Herrera
Sofi Carrerras
Sven Boekhorst
Guillaume de Mallevoue