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Sean Keane 2017 Compilation

Rollerblade pro rider Sean Keane brings together style and creativity in this compilation of clips from the last year.

Name: Sean Keane
Age:  29

Current Location:  Sacramento, CA, US
Skating Since:  2000
Current Skate Setup:  Solo Team, New Jack Team

What are your proudest moments from 2017?
1: Mom beating cancer
2: Edit of the year on the Mushroom Blading awards
3: Seeing some of my friends get promoted to their respective “Pro” teams.

Highlights from Team Rollerblade® in 2017.
1: Filming “4 Days in Seattle” with Carter Leblanc
2: Atlanta trip for A-town Stomp
3: Filming “Static” with Casey Bagozzi

Knowing what you know now, what are three things you would’ve done differently in 2017?
1: Wouldn’t change anything. 2017 was a very fun years worth of skating and I wouldn’t change too much.

Full profil: