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Sean Keane "Static" Full Part

Sean Keane is an All-Terrain killer. Sean will clip up on every spot in sight, bringing a little something extra to the table. Watch him hold it down in Northern California and tear up his local scene.
1. How old are you and how long have you been skating on the Rollerblade team?
I'm 28 years old and have been skating for Rollerblade for about 7-8 years now.

2. How did you first get sponsored by Rollerblade?
When my previous boot sponsor dropped me, I went into Roller Warehouse and tried on every skate they had. Almost every pair of skates felt horrible on my feet except RB's, so I decided get some of the first Estilo Solo skates. When Tom Hyser seen I was riding them he hit me up about getting flowed some skates.

3.  You just released your new online video part "Static"... Where did you shoot this and how long did you film for?
The entire edit is filmed in Northern California. Mostly in the Bay Area and my hometown Sacramento. We filmed for about 2-3 months. Usually only skating on the weekends since we all have jobs. I didn't want to take too much time on this since I want to collab with a couple other videographers this year.

4. Your skating is extremely technical and innovative. What is inspiring you to go to these new levels with your skating?
I've always liked to throw some weird into the I do tricks but recently have gotten more into that side of my skating. Or maybe I just force my friends to film them more lately. Either way I have had way more fun skating the past few years because of it. Some inspiration comes from snowboarding. I don't like to do too many crazy spin tricks (because I can't) on my snowboard and same with skating. So I always try and look for a different approach to conventional tricks, there's a lot of untouched territory. The rest of my inspiration comes from all the other innovation going on in skating right now.

5. What is next in your plans for skating?
I want to get some more content out this year and in the future. I have edits lined up with Carter Leblanc, Lonnie Gallegos, and Mike Torres. I also plan on filming another part with Casey Bagozzi, spending more time to film than this edit.

6. Shoutouts?
My Famz
My Squad
Roller Warehouse (Get yo skates there)