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Catching Up with Juanan Herrera

Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19 and travel restrictions we have been limited on who we can Catch Up with in the inline skating community. We were however able to Catch up with one of our Rollerblade® athletes: Juanan Herrera.  We hope you enjoy this installment of Catching Up.

During the last few months movement in general has been very limited.  From travel to exercise, we have all felt a little more confined. How did you keep in motion?
I made a list of gentle exercises for the whole body and I dedicated myself to completing it at least 4 days each week. I also went up and down the stairs in my building to do cardio and strengthen my legs. And I used the skates to go to the dentist or some other occasion that the circumstance allowed me.

During this time have you had any major life changes that have affected you?
After 9 months of injury (torn inner knee ligament) I have been able to recover and increase the level of training again.  So it is very good news.


In addition to inline skating you also play indoor soccer, play the guitar, and spend time in front of and behind the camera lens. Can you share some experiences  from these other passions?
Since I was little I have played futsal (indoor soccer) at the club in my neighborhood called Adecor. To this day I am still practicing this sport as a player in the club's veterans team and training junior categories. It is a good feeling to see how children enjoy this sport and compete as a team like I did when I was little.

Regarding music, one of my passions is flamenco guitar, since it is a family tradition. Since I was little I watched my brothers play the guitar and a few years ago I decided to start practicing. It is an incredible instrument, and a beautiful form of art.

On the photography issue, I started from skating, recording and editing my videos and those of my friends. Then I started working on and at events like club parties, weddings, sports photography, etc. It is a great hobby/job and I’m working hard on developing my skills for future.

How has inline skating that helped you with other areas of your life?
Being a perfectionist. When I skate I try to do the tricks as well as possible, make it look clean, nice. I use the same for other disciplines, for example, the recordings I make, I try to make them look as good as possible. Also, that moment of fear when performing a trick and having that energy of overcoming, I usually use it a lot in some of the difficult moments of my daily life.

What is the most memorable life change that happened to you the last year?
I did not have a big important change, but I have focused on increasing all my knowledge that I have experienced, both in sports and in the professional field

What are you looking forward to the most in the near future?
May this pandemic situation end soon and affect everyone as little as possible and we can return to normality as before, in my case, traveling to skate, meeting with my RB teammates, photographing at events, etc.