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Danny's Point: Skatepark Basics - Halfpipe

Danny takes you into the park and shares the basics of shredding. After you mastered the basics of skating on a flat surface, you might feel the urge to try the skatepark. You don’t need to have special skatepark skates to go and rip at the park. Before you start make sure to put on your safety gear. As a skilled, seasoned rider, Danny knows his abilities and chooses not wear all of his safety gear.

In this first skatepark episode Danny talks you through the basics of skating a halfpipe. The most important thing to learn is positioning your feet. A lot of this is personal preference, so take your time and do what works best for you. Danny then explains how to feel comfortable and get speed in the halfpipe by pumping up and down.

The second basic of riding the halfpipe is turning 180 degrees. If you know how to turn 180 you are always riding forward, which is easier for some people compared to riding fakie (backwards).

Of course at a certain moment you want to get on top of the halfpipe and even want to get some air time.  Once on top of the halfpipe you want to drop in.  Master these pointers from Danny, and before you know you master the local ramp. Stay tuned for more skatepark basics soon.