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Bladerunner recreational ice skates cater to the distinct needs of different skaters. The Zephyr family utilizes its supportive structure, anatomical last and comfortable lining. The Onyx and vela weave trend and tradition while the formula adds technical features to appeal to the discriminating customer. This family makes it easier to skate while maintaining its core of comfort, convenience and style.


Bladerunner is dedicated to developing a passion for the recreational ice skater since it can potentially be a life long activity. Kids and parents can be very particular when choosing winter sport items so we incorporate an easy-to-use push button size adjustment mechanism, a secure fit, supportive structures and great aesthetics to bring forth a product loved by both.


Bladerunner figür patenleri, farklı kullanıcı düzeyleri ve farklı bütçeleri tamamlayacak şekilde tasarlanmıştır. Her modelin detaylarında uyum, biçim, işlev ve moda ile uyum sağlayan tasarım armonisi göze çarpar.