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A Work of Art with Sven Boekhorst

The athleticism of Sven Boekhorst is undeniable. Since the early 90’s Sven has been on top of the inline skating scene. Even today he still manages to land gnarly tricks with ease and finesse. When he was a teenager, he lived near one of the biggest skateparks in the Netherlands. It was here that he mastered riding transition and then took it to a level that no one had ever seen before. Sven is well known for how he mixes technical street tricks with transition spots, wherever and whenever he can.


Creating an inspiring photograph often takes a lot of preparation, especially when working with a subject that is moving quickly through the frame. In some cases a photoshoot starts with a work of art that stands out in one way or another; maybe something seen on the internet or television. Other times the shot is inspired by a location that the subject or photographer has driven by day after day. To find the exact location of a particular obstacle can be a challenge, and Google street view can be an excellent tool. After the location is selected, located, and driven too it still may not be skate-able. For this reason the car is always equipped with gear such as a broom, towels, a shovel, shelves, boards and folding stairs. Now the idea has come to a point where the image can be captured; both subject and location are ready.


With an aesthetic eye Sven always tries to find unique spots to showcase his skills and capture the essence of skating. He has built quite a portfolio of stunning locations combined with amazing tricks to create mind-blowing photos. A great example is the Cityhopper Trilogy. In this article we have gathered a selection of photos where Sven mixed sculpture with skating to create collaborative works of art. His latest photographic work of art was shot in an 11m high circle named "De Ring" made by Jan van der Ploeg.