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Interview with Guillaume de Mallevoue “Don't tell my surgeon…”

July 14, 2019 should have been a day of celebration. Guillaume de Mallevoue  was perfectly prepared for the World Games marathon.  He had a perfect race plan to follow. Guillaume should have shined at the end of the event. However, we remember that date for another, very unfortunate reason. Guillaume was involved in a terrible crash near the mid-point of the race. It has been more than nine months since the crash and he battles to recover his strength and mobility.  Guillaume is – and he will forever be – one of the most talented marathon skaters in history. He’s won many races. He’s a perfect teammate, a great friend, and a formidable opponent. He’s shined since his younger days, but today he must be patient as he heals and regains strength. “Don’t tell to my surgeon,” he says as he pushes his limits to full recovery. We can’t promise anything, and he won’t be surprised to see shining again soon.

Guillaume, first hope that you are doing well. We watched you running recently. It seems that you are on the path to full recovery.
Yes, I try to make progress in spite of the material in my knee (don’t tell my surgeon though...). It's quite long process because I lost a lot of muscle and I almost can't bend my knee, so try to adapt the activities.

What are the future stages/steps of your rehabilitation?
I'm waiting for another surgery which will allow me to bend my knee. This surgery should have occurred in mid-April, but the it was canceled due to confinement. I was a little disappointed. For now I just try to burn some calories.

A lot of people want to know how you are doing. Many people are following your story and want to encourage you. It must be heart-warming.
Yes, it is really important to see that so many people send me support. I can’t practice my passion anymore and I imagine that skaters understand that it can be difficult.

Speed skating gave you a lot, but it cost you a lot too. Do you think you will be back one day?
Honestly, I think about skating every day. I can’t even count the number of hours I spent training those last 10 years, but what I really miss are the marathons. It’s in marathons that I find the pleasure of skating. Maybe one day I'll be on a starting line again.

We are living some unique times where a lot of speed skaters have to #stayhome and shelter-in-place. There may not be competitions this season. You know very well the meaning of patience, self-sacrifice, determination, and perseverance. Which message would you send to those who are reading this interview?
Get back to basics. Don't forget that your technique will make you move forward faster. Watch videos to analyze your technique and the technique of others. Then, there are many exercises to do off skates to work the technique, the body energy transfer, etc.

Last question: We want to send you best wishes for the future.  What does that look like?
To see you on a starting line!

Guillaume highlights
Junior national champion of the marathon
Senior Vice-champion of the marathon at the European championship
Winner of the World Inline Cup of Dijon
Second of the World Inline Cup of Rennes sur Roulettes
Second of the Maraton International de Patinaje de Madrid in 2019
Fourht of the Berlin Marathon in 2018
Winner of the Coupe de France Marathon Roller of Lyon in 2018