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Danny's Point: The Future of Inline Skating

We often talk about many of the benefits of inline skating such as: an environmentally friendly way to transport yourself, exercise, self-development, challenging yourself to overcome boundaries, and more. Often our focus is on the experienced inline skaters, but the young generation of inline skaters is the future!

Inline skating offers loads of physical and social benefits to our younger enthusiasts. As they try new skills and challenge themselves with the movements they are learning new techniques and develop a broader foundation to build upon. The art of inline skating also has a huge social aspect. People, young and old, are drawn to others with similar interests, whether is music, art, food, sports, etc. Within a short period of time a small crew will help and guide each other to develop in different ways. Social status and backgrounds are blurred as all inline skaters share the passion of rolling. This is a great way to start and build friendships.

This latest episode of Danny’s Point is dedicated to the future of our sport. Let’s keep the inline skating scene healthy and strong for years to come. Motivate and inspire others to start inline skating. Share the passion and move freely!