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10 tips, for the 10K challenge.

After watching the  10K challenge with Sofia Carreras and Jeremy Suarez in Barcelona,  you are probably juiced up to try your own.   But before you start, let these 10 tips set you up for success and help you make the most out of your own 10K Challenge!

1.   Use the right equipment
Skating the 10K Challenge starts with a good pair of skates. Be sure to check all your equipment: boots, bearings, wheels etc. This is fundamental for a smooth, comfortable ride and a satisfying 10K time. If you are in need for a new setup take a look at the  Rollerblade product page.

2.   Prepare yourself
When skating the 10K Challenge you need to prepare yourself with the right gear. Take a moment before setting off for your skate to consider your skill level and where you will be skating.  Country roads?  Big City? Park?  Keep in mind that when it comes to skating outdoors you are always safer wearing a  helmet and full protective gear -but of course; it is ultimately up to you!

Choose clothing appropriate for the climate you are skating in wearing lightweight layers that can be removed as necessary as you ride along. To protect your eyes against sun glare and to be able to see the sites you are whizzing by on your skates, don’t forget sunglasses. To stay motivated during the challenge, and to keep up your goal pace, bring a watch or stopwatch to keep time.


3.   Get out of your comfort zone
The 10K challenge is about achieving a new goal. Dig a little deeper and push yourself to the next level.  Nothing feels better than meeting, and maybe even exceeding, a new challenge.


4.   Know and check the route
The 10K challenge can be quite a ride so take your time to know your route. if you are really going to push it to your limit. Check where there could be delays-rough or uneven road conditions, traffic, festivals, etc.  anything that can keep you from achieving your best time.


5.   Food
Eat a healthy, high carbohydrate meal the night before the 10K. Also, skip the wine or beer and go with water instead. What should you do the morning of your 10K Challenge?  Stick to your normal breakfast (bread, juice, fruit, yogurt, etc.) but put an energy bar in your pocket just in case you need it along the way.

6.   Hydration
Drink enough water the day before the challenge so that you are fully hydrated.  On the morning of the 10K have a big glass of water just as you get out of bed to rehydrate after your good night sleep.  As you push yourself throughout the skate you will lose a little water through sweating so you may want to bring a water bottle along for the ride just incase you are thirsty.


7.   Divide your 10K
If you know the route you’ll be taking, try to divide the 10K in parts. By having checkpoints along the way it will be easier to keep working toward your goal time and will allow you to adjust your pace if needed.


8.   Warming up
Take your time for a short warm up and stretch your muscles too- especially your hamstrings, quadriceps, and hips. If you are planning to give it all you have got you need to make sure your body is as ready as you are to reach your goal.

9.   Mental preparation
Close your eyes and visualize yourself skating the 10K Challenge route. Imagine yourself crossing a particular road, passing a certain statue or building, etc. and “check” your time along the way.   Make a mental picture from start to finish.  Believe it or not, mental preparation like this can be very helpful in getting you to your goal. See it, believe it, and make it happen!


10.   Enjoy the ride and have fun!
At Rollerblade we love skating and encourage all skaters to take up the challenge to reach their skating and fitness goals. Being healthy and taking care of your body is a natural part of the journey and come much easier with a positive state of mind. Have fun, enjoy the ride and share your passion with others. Just like we do!







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