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Tips from the Pro: Jorge Botero

Recently we released two   videos  with Jorge Botero. Jorge explains his journey to the top and how he started inline skating. He also goes into detail about other experiences he had along the way. In this feature we talk about the near future and now. Jorge explains how he stays in shape and trains on Macroblade 100’s to reach his goals.

Besides working at the Real Estate Market at Central Florida, US, and enjoying time with my beautiful family: my wife Carolina and my son Andres, I work as a professional personal coach and trainer helping different people and skaters with different levels to approach their goals and take their challenges to the next level.

As a former world champion it must be hard to let go of skating, what does a typical day of yours look like?
Life for me has been an outstanding journey where I have cried when it was needed and have enjoyed different stages as they come.  Right now, I am very happy and I feel very deeply involved with inline skating not only because of my credentials of what I did as skater but of what I do as a personal trainer and coach. I continually feel the drive to help people to improve either at their fitness or at their goals as skaters and every time I see the results with the people that I work with it only make me do it again for others. At the same time I push myself to go on my inline skates as fast as I can with my life style and be able to enjoy the most completed sport that any human being could practice with a low impact at your joints.

We know you are a huge fan of the Rollerblade® Macroblade 100mm skate, why is that?
When we go for a nice workout on our inline skates and we are looking for a good combo: comfort, speed and control: Macroblade 100mm has it all.  I really feel this skates has been one of the most confortable inline skates that I have ever tried and I can still go to a very good top speed without compromising balance or power. 

Do you also skate other setups? Which one and why?
Truly, for my personal opinion you need to find only one right setup and only do few changes depending of the type of the workout you are looking to do.  Because the way I feel with my Macroblade 100mm I do my performance workouts with this and I only use my Rollerblade Speed skates when I am coaching technique to elite skaters or when we are at speed tracks.  But if I am skating at a big circuit I would switch to my Macroblade 100mm even if I am skating with speed skaters.

My recommendations would be if you want to start skating around the city go for Macroblade 80mm and 84mm.  Once you start looking more for a workout go to Macroblade 90mm and 100mm. The bigger the wheels the more rolling you could get but you could also compromise agility. If you really want to take it to the next level on your workouts then Tempest would be your next setup.

2 big events are coming up (NorthShore Inline Marathon in Duluth and the Berlin Marathon). We have heard you are joining these, anything special planned?
This year I would like to start with the pro group and be able to finish with the main group skating with my Macroblade 100mm. I am aiming to do a time with this skates under 1 hour 15 minutes for NorthShore Inline Marathon in Duluth and do a time under 1 hour 10 minutes at the Berlin Marathon. Hopefully weather conditions are standard and I can stick with these times.

For events like this, do you follow a special schedule?
Obviously there are hundreds if not thousand of different routines that I could use to prepare for these races.  But because of my background and because of my technical condition the key for me to be able to accomplish my goals is to stay active on my skates.  I go to the gym at least once a week and I get a good workout of my whole body.  I skate on my Macroblades four times a week, I skate on my speed skates one time a week and I ride my bike twice a week. The beauty of the workouts on my skates is that I can do everything: Sprints, intervals and long distances.  I mixed these three types of workouts depending with tome of the calendar and with different intensity based on how far and how close we are getting to the events. The further we are from the event the harder I could push and when I get closer I can start lightening the workouts and make sure I am going fast. I used my heart rate monitor to keep track of my intensity.

Do you also take care of your diet/food?
I make sure I keep track of my weight; I like to be not lighter than 181 lbs and not heavier than 183 lbs.  The more consistent I am with my weight the easier is to be consistent on my skates. I eat 6 servings everyday and I eat three of them with protein, I make sure I include three of them with vegetables and 3 servings are fruits included. I make sure I drink at least 125oz of water a day.

From you as professional, what is the most important tip for someone who would like to finish the marathon?
First of all, challenge yourself to technically learn the basics on how to skate efficient and secure.  Then start timing your workouts and identify what is your average speed by yourself and also in a draft with a group if you can.  Then find realistic challenges and find the right skates setup based on your skills and expectations to be able to make this possible. If your goal is just to finish the marathon keep a tempo that you feel confortable and remember to relax while you are skating, especially when you go for a marathon. Skating could be a very easy workout but you can also start finding great challenges once you continually skate.  Keep track of what you do and push yourself to the next level and make it fun! Hopefully, you would meet me at the start at one of the next events.

Thanks Jorge for this input. If you want to see Jorge in action come to one of the above mentioned events, and feel free to drop by at the Rollerblade® booth.

NorthShore Inline Marathon, September 19th, Duluth, MN, USA

42nd Berlin Marathon Inline Skating, September 26th, Berlin, Germany






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