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Building Community with Skater Migration

Rollerblade®, the original inline skate company, attended and supported the annual Skater Migration event in Miami, created by our brand ambassador, Doris Casabona.  Doris and Naomi Weinberg started a grassroots local event that has grown in size and scope over the last five years.  Both love inline skating and want to share it with the world.  Their passion led them to build up both a local skate community and an amazing skate event that people travel to each year. 

According to Doris, “Skater Migration is an amazing community event that brings together skaters from all over the world to do what we love - inline skating. It’s a great way to explore Miami Beach!”

Skater Migration is a weekend long celebration that happens every January. There is a welcoming vibe  and something for every ability level. If you are looking for a fun, social event in a beautiful location, you can’t beat the Skater Migration.